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We are a team of experts helping companies grow their businesses using data as a resource. We build custom tools for visualizing and analyzing data. We get it done excellently; we get it done fast!

If solving complex problems were not possible before, now our data science expertise allows our partner institutions to do so as we get insights from mining complex data which we unify and build scalable analytics infrastructure to improve your bottom-line.

We enable Advanced and Agile Analytics by innovating in and through data using Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Data Management. We improve business and lives in general because we are informationists who work through data.



Meet Pedro Medina

Hello, I’m Pedro Alexander Medina, Founder (and Data Farmer) at Haystack. As your dedicated “Chief Analytics Officer,” I take a hands-on approach to delivering insights and solutions and have deep expertise in Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Haystack designs and develops turnkey solutions that meet your business objectives, while delivering extraordinary quality, value, and thought leadership to stakeholders.

Whether you need to differentiate your company, optimize business functions, or accelerate revenue growth, My team of Data Scientists will support you with technical consulting, implementation, or staff augmentation. No data-related problem goes unsolved.

Meet Haystack