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Listen to Pedro’s interview on Data Podcast

January 3, 2019

I discuss the burgeoning AI community, Data Science Hackathons, and leading AI technologies and platforms.

Introduction to Self-Service Analytics. Part 2: Data Silos

September 17, 2018

Self-Service Analytics tools like Alteryx and KNIME help knock down your data silos by blending data from multiple systems – at scale – to let you take advantage of insights into customer preferences, marketing performance, financial operations, site and merchandising optimization, and much more.

DIY: Analyzing Dashboard Platform Popularity with Klipfolio

July 9, 2018

Recently, we were discussing the various BI platforms we have used for projects here at Haystack, and I was pondering whether we could find any data that would be directional on their volume of use. I’d looked at the Gartner Magic quadrant for BI solutions earlier that day, which sparked…