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Creation of analytics and blending of data is usually a slow and painful process requiring various tools and different people to gather data from so many sources. Before it gets to the hands of decision-makers, so much time and resources have already been lost along the way.

Alteryx changes this. It preps, blends, and analyzes your data faster. It delivers intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics giving you insights in hours, not weeks! It delivers the whole gamut of data preparation tasks with a drag and drop repeatable workflow for analytics, without the need for programming!

Check out our Alterxy Fuzzy Matching Workflow to find duplicate data in separate data sources in five simple steps.


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Tableau puts analytics in the hands of the user. By enabling individual creativity and exploration from the ground floor, businesses now have the ability to adapt and outperform competition through intuitive data visualization and analysis.

Tableau can connect to virtually any data source, be it corporate data warehouse, Microsoft Excel or web-based data. It gives users immediate insights by transforming their data into beautiful, interactive visualizations in a matter of seconds. What took expensive teams days or months to develop, now is achieved through the use of a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

From data to insights in the speed of thought, anytime, anywhere, all in one view.

Power BI is a set of business analytics tools and service that provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities, delivering insights to a whole organization by producing beautiful online dashboards and reports that members can personalize and scale across the enterprise with governance and built-in security.

Do you want quick, easy, cost-effective data warehousing?

With AWS redshift, you get the following benefits:

  • Quick & Easy
  • Affordable and Cost-Effective
  • Adaptable
  • Simple
  • Expandable
  • Protected
  • Compatible

Amazon Redshift is a quick, fully managed data warehouse making it easy and affordable to analyze all your existing data by using standard SQL and your current Business Intelligence (BI) tools. It lets you run complex analytic queries against petabytes of structured data, using only sophisticated query optimization, massively parallel query execution, and columnar storage on high-performance local disks. See results come back in seconds!


With Google Cloud, you can launch your next project today. Look for a solution and install it in just a few clicks. Customize anytime. This is possible because of preconfigured virtual machines, storage, and network settings. You can start now and scale any time. With powerful analytics and machine learning, your business can spend more time doing what it does best. It’s a better and faster software so you can always build what’s next that is fully featured for all enterprises.