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Haystack has been leveraging Alteryx for years to quickly provide data solutions for even the most complex of our client’s projects.

Why do we recommend and use Alteryx?

Prep, Blend, Transform

Prep, Blend, and Transform all your data

Alteryx allows you to quickly combine data across databases and files, then apply transformations, calculations and models to arrive at new insights.

Automated, self-documented workflows

Automated self-documenting workflows

Alteryx workflows are highly iterative and self-documenting. They can easily be re-run with new data, adjusted with new fields and business rules, and automated on a schedule.

Predictive and Spatial Modelling

Advanced Predictive and Spatial Modelling

Alteryx models can swiftly incorporate advanced predictive and spatial analysis leveraging built in R language statistical tools and geographic data.

The creation of analytics and blending of data is usually a slow and painful process requiring various tools and different people to gather data from so many sources. Before it gets to the hands of decision-makers, so much time and resources have already been lost along the way.

Alteryx changes this. It preps, blends, and analyzes your data faster. It delivers intuitive workflows for data blending and advanced analytics giving you insights in hours, not weeks! It delivers the whole gamut of data preparation tasks for analytics, without the need for programming. Instead it uses a intuitive drag and drop interface, that creates a visual workflow of all the steps taken to prepare your data or build your advanced analytical model.

See Alteryx in Action

Interested in how Alteryx could benefit your organization?   Haystack would be happy to walk you through a demo of the product and discuss your businesses use case.  

Additional Resources

Alteryx Fuzzy Matching Workflow

The Alteryx Fuzzy matching workflow allows you to match databases and lists in no time! No SQL required!

Download Data Blending for Dummies

Download this Book to gain an understanding of the benefits of data blending, and see how to build the data set you require to meet your organization’s analytical needs, without writing scripts or waiting on other departments.