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Klipfolio is a completely cloud-based data visualization software. One of its chief strengths is it’s ease of connecting to web-based data via APIs. It has many default connectors and even pre-built klips to accelerate dashboard creation. This makes it an excellent tool for seeing your social media, website, cloud-based CRM and even SQL data all in one place.
You can embed klips in websites, as illustrated below, as well as share links to entire dashboards. Klipfolio “thinks” about data in an independent fashion, this means that the designer defines the relationship of data in one part of a table, or json, with the other parts. This freedom allows the combining of data from many sources. It’s more akin to “excel on steroids” them some other tools, as you can specifically reference a particular cell in your formulas.
The below data looks at questions posted to Stack Overflow that have been tagged with the names of some of the leading BI Platforms. Since it isn’t uncommone to have a post tagged with multiple platforms (such as having both a Power BI and a Tableau tag if someone is moving from one software to another) this reports count posts in multiple categories, if it was tagged with multiple platforms.

Still reading? Contact us and let us know you are interested in Haystack building your own custom Klipfolio dashboards.