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Business Intelligence

Discover the insights trapped in your data. Haystack helps you make more informed decisions by transforming raw data into actionable information. We compress the time window between question and insight.

We build custom reports and dashboards that answer fundamental questions so you can improve efficiency, ROI, and make decisions with confidence. We use a variety of tools such as Tableau, Klipfolio, Periscope Data, Power BI, Qlik and more. Our breadth and depth of experience means we can recommend the best platform for your needs.

We combine business, IT, data science and software engineering expertise to develop tailored data strategies that reflect your business priorities and your technology architecture, and create new value that help build your organization.

Advanced Analytics

Beyond traditional BI. Advanced analytic techniques include natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive modelling, network and graph analysis. Advanced analytics practices are becoming more widespread as enterprises continue to create new data at a rapid rate. Now that many organizations have access to large stores of data, or big data, they can apply predictive analytics techniques to understand their operations at a deeper level.

At Haystack, our expertise in data science and advanced analytics empowers you to solves complex data challenges. We build advanced analytic models with Alteryx, KNIME, R, Python and Google TensorFlow. We leverage cutting edge AI services and solutions to unlock the hidden value in your data.

Our Data Science services complements your analytics projects using proven resources without distracting you from your company’s goals or changing the way you do business.

Let Haystack take the guesswork out of your consumer-driven decisions, drive your revenues growth and improve your company’s overall operations efficiency.

Data Management

So much data, so little time. Data surrounds us, and grows exponentially by the second. With so much and so many types of data, we can’t help but wonder how to manage it all. If you’ve tried to manage data on your own, you’ve undoubtedly discovered how difficult it can be to keep up. Data can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Haystack has made mastering data our business. Instead of working for your data, your data should be working for you. We can help you achieve just that.

We build, enhance and refine databases using platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. We quickly combine and blend data from many systems such as ERPs, CRMs, Ecommerce, and SQL data silos. Using tools such as Alteryx, Talend, and custom SQL allow us to automate processes and answer questions so you can focus on running your business.