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Business Intelligence and Its Nature


We gather data, decide what it means, then figure out how to apply it.


We ask what problems are we trying to solve, what critical decisions do we need to make, what insights do we need to come up with those decisions, then decide what kind of information would produce that insight and what data sources would provide that information?

More than just Business Intelligence 2.0, the art and science of data-driven decision making is paving the way for better returns and profits.

Here at Haystack, we combine our expertise in business, data science, IT, and software engineering to develop tailored data strategies that answer your business priorities and reflect your technology architecture to create new value that builds and grows your company.


Haystack helps you make more informed decisions by transforming raw data into actionable information. We compress the time window between data capture and insight.

We make data easy to analyze, making it easy to act. Instead of reactive, ‘after-the-fact’ periodic reports and spreadsheets, our real-time analysis, alerts, and dashboard solutions provide an “early warning system” for your organization to make better operational decisions.Haystack empowers business people to easily access hidden information that is easy to understand, interactive, visual, and intuitive. You now see the whole picture and then dig deeper to understand why. Haystack’s BI solutions help you answer critical questions, explore your data, run an effective analysis, build interactive dashboards and create beautiful reports. We help you blend business user self-service, with enterprise-wide data administration.


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