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We are a food intelligence company

Haystack transforms how food & ag companies harvest data for a better future.

Haystack Data Solutions

Data is the new sustainable growth driver in food supply

Food companies face new pressures from shifting consumer demands, competitive challenges, and distribution difficulties. Haystack’s industry and technical expertise helps you anticipate and understand these trends. We provide the resources you need to:

Modernize your analytics
Strategize for growth
Enable powerful automation
Access unmatched talent
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Who we work with

Haystack serves mid-market and emerging companies in the Agri-Food industry

Haystack is a certified minority-owned technology solutions provider for Agri-Food businesses. Since 2014, we have been committed to solving our clients’ toughest challenges. We represent the perfect blend of strategy, creativity, and technical know-how that enables our clients to efficiently produce, process, and deliver quality foods to consumers.

Food Producers

From seed to stalk, our data solutions uncover trends that inform critical decisions in food production.

Food Processors

Put your data to work with our deep industry & technical expertise delivering results that matter most to food processors.

Food Distributors

Delivering a supply-chain of insights so food distributors can activate their data at every step of their operations.

Haystack Data Solutions

High-quality data solutions for high-quality food

Your data holds the key to better performance. Haystack helps unlock profound insights in your data to maximize efficiency & profitability. We design comprehensive and collaborative data solutions.

Data Strategy & Analytics Enablement

F.A.R.M.™ strategic framework & technology roadmap provides a true north and bolsters data-driven decision making for the food industry.


Sharp questions call for sharp answers. We deliver the answers you need by developing state-of-the-art Machine Learning applications.

Data Science & Engineering
Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Powerful information lies dormant within your ERP, POS, MRP, and CRM. We build intuitive reports & dashboards to help you look deeper.


The food industry has lagged behind in cloud adoption. We help you adopt the right cloud ecosystem to suit your unique needs and budget.

Data Architecture & Cloud Migration
Process Automation & Systems Integration

Silos are not just for grain. Integrate data silos to leverage every morsel of data available and automate costly manual business processes.


Our Tools

Below are just some of the technologies we specialize in. Looking for a technology not listed? Contact us as our broad network of developers and consultants can fit your data needs.


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🎤 Pedro’s career journey
🎤 What is “data” and how it is used in the food industry
🎤 Why he believes the food industry is slow to adopt digital technologies
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Family. Data. Mangoes.

Our Story

We are data scientists & engineers who exist to help food companies unlock the transformational power of data. Learn more about our own transformative journey from harvesting mangoes to harvesting data insights and paving the way for the future of food & ag.

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