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Process Automation & Systems Integration

Soup to Nuts Process Automation.

Replace manual, repetitive business processes with
automated workflows and bots that enhance efficiency.

Process Automation & Systems Integration

A Well-oiled Machine

Robotic Process Automation is a crucial part of digital transformation for food enterprises. It frees up your workforce, improves services, boosts efficiency, and reduces errors while lowering costs. Haystack’s RPA experts know how to apply smart, timely data that power outcomes. Here’s what you can achieve.

Improved Internal

Build smooth-running operations within Finance, HR, Sales, and Ops by automating routine tasks associated with AP, AR, Payroll, Inventory, etc.

24x7 Workflows for Greater Productivity

Mundane, repeatable tasks consume too much time. 24x7 automation uses “mind & machine” to augment human ability & drive innovation.

Seamless Systems Integration

Unify business systems to facilitate the consistent flow of information seamlessly and without disruption to your operations.

Superior Customer Experience

Understand and fulfil customer needs faster with adaptive and responsive workflows that deliver more relevant products and services.

in Costs

The cost of a workflow “bot” can be as low as one-tenth of a full-time employee (FTE). Process automation delivers substantial cost savings.

Fewer Errors and Added Compliance

Reduce variability and human error, increase process control, and document transactions for audits and compliance.

We are a food intelligence company

Haystack transforms how food companies harvest data for a better future.

Soup to Nuts Process Automation.

Our Process Automation & Systems Integration Services

Haystack’s RPA developers bring skills and experience with end-to-end automation of many Agri-Food back-office processes to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Process Optimization Audits

Automating sub-optimal processes will only lead to less-than-desirable outcomes. We will assess & optimize processes based on the attributes that make them ripe for automation, including: structured data, transaction volumes, task complexity, and process maturity.

RPA Development & Deployment

Our RPA developers combine systems integration, software, and custom algorithms to replicate & automate your business processes. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with existing applications to drive more value from your automation project.

Systems Integration

We have experience integrating & harmonizing business-critical systems & applications such as APIs, accounting systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP), materials requirement planning (MRP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, and digital marketing platforms.

Support & Maintenance

Your process automation is important to us, and to ensure your deployments are consistently performing at the highest possible level, we support and fine-tune your bots with failure and disaster recovery, intervention & validation services.