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Data Architecture & Cloud Migration

Piece of Cake Cloud Computing.

Fortify data foundations & reap the full benefits of the cloud with our data migration & management solutions.

Data Architecture & Cloud Migration

The Right Recipe for Digital Innovation

Innovation in IT drives innovation in food production, processing, and distribution. With technologies that evolve the way data is accessed and analyzed, Haystack’s cloud engineers alleviate the burden of legacy architecture to help your business truly blossom. Below, are just a few ways we transform your IT.

Reduce IT Costs with Pay-per-Use

Shift from CapEx to OpEx and improve cash flow without investing in IT assets. “Rent” cloud services and decommission when not in use.

Simplify IT & Stay Business-focused

With us as on-demand service brokers, you can focus on your core business with a leaner IT org and fewer upfront costs.

Scalability & Time-to-Market

Proactively respond to ever-changing market conditions and business needs with nimble IT resources that scale up or down with speed.

Business Continuity & Data Security

Access to IT best practices, support, threat detection, back-up and disaster recovery, that help ensure your business is always on.

Mobility & Remote Work

Whether voluntary or due to unforeseen circumstances, remote work can cut costs. Provide access to data regardless of location.

Consistent Quality Control

Produce traceability records and manage compliance requirements across multiple locations, food safety, and quality systems.

We are a food intelligence company

Haystack transforms how food companies harvest data for a better future.

Piece of Cake Cloud Computing.

Our Cloud Migration & Management Services

Whether you’re already in the cloud or just thinking about migrating, take advantage of Haystack’s deep cloud expertise to maximize performance, reduce risk, and lower costs.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

We help you outline the key drivers, business cases, and action steps required to help you adopt a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective cloud environment with our unbiased, vendor-agnostic, strategic cloud consulting.

Cloud Selection & Migration

Our certified cloud architects help you migrate your on-premise data & applications so you can take advantage of all the services and solutions the cloud has to offer from leading public, private, or multi-cloud providers.

Cloud Optimization & Health Checks

We help you optimize your cloud ecosystem across network, storage, and compute operations to deliver a higher ROI without compromising on performance or security. Our health checks offer deep infrastructure optimization recommendations.

Cloud Cost & Billing Optimization

Review overall cloud spend, resource utilization, and operational savings opportunities with our tailored reports and recommendations. We help you pinpoint the areas where you can streamline operations to enhance cost efficiency.

Cloud Security & Disaster Recovery

Our cybersecurity monitoring and assessment services help you find and fix vulnerabilities to safeguard your cloud ecosystem. Our enterprise-grade DevSecOps framework leverages the latest security protocols to ensure a rapid response when threats arise.

24/7/365 Managed Cloud Services

Increase agility, decrease overhead, and get expert support when you need it with our 24/7/365 managed cloud services. Our full range of services help you focus on your business while transferring daily administrative tasks to our cloud experts.