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Data Science & Engineering

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From basic regression to advanced Machine Learning, Haystack’s food Data Scientists can unlock possibilities.

Data Science & Engineering

How Can Data Science Help You?

Food companies compete by understanding and anticipating consumer needs and market trends. Data science gives you the edge you need to succeed in the age of intelligence. Below are just a few ways Agri-Food businesses can gain an advantage.

Improve Quality & Determine Root Cause

Adhere to food safety regulations and audit compliance with improved defect detection, recall tracking, and root cause analysis.

Make Better Yield Predictions

Combines and quants: today’s food producers can measure real-time harvest rates and leverage data to predict variability.

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Prepare the latest products and get them to market first by anticipating consumer trends and demand before the competition does.

Correlate Process with Downtime & Scrap

Food waste is a major problem and should be detected early. Predicting production inefficiencies will cut scrap rate and costs.

Prevent Production Line Issues

Forecast deviations from normal process behaviors and correct parameters that are out of range during food production.

Sustainable Food Supply

By harvesting data, crop inputs and raw production materials can be used with precision to reduce carbon footprints .

We are a food intelligence company

Haystack transforms how food companies harvest data for a better future.

One Smart Cookie.

Our Data Science Services

Advising on and developing Data Science solutions to help you unlock value in your data and enable accurate predictions, forecasting, root-cause analysis, automated visual & text inspection, and much more.

Machine Learning Design & Development

Our Machine Learning engineers can help you transform business processes into intelligent autonomous operations by using the latest technologies and AI-powered algorithms.

Model Tuning & Evaluation

If you’ve encountered a problem with a Data Science project, we can help you understand what went wrong and make adjustments to dial in performance while educating your team on best practices.

Predictive Analytics & Forecasting

With predictive analytics, we help you prepare for the future by understanding the past. We fine tune our models to extract historical patterns and improve decision making based on quantifiable evidence.

Natural Language & Text Processing

From sentiment analysis, to virtual assistants and chatbots, we use state-of-the-art algorithms to extract and generate meaning from text and other unstructured data in order to enable many language related tasks.

DataOps & Data Pipelines

We help you deploy the most agile methodologies, architecture, and automated processes to enable rapid prototyping, collaboration, and delivery of data assets to pave the way for effective Data Science operations.

Data Science Support Consulting

We steer you away from costly tools and techniques that don’t deliver value and towards those that do. We partner with your team to help them develop a plan that will ensure success.