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Data Strategy & Analytics Enablement

Food Analytics Roadmap Matrix (F.A.R.M.™)

Haystack’s unique data strategy matrix delivers a blueprint for achieving success with your data.

Transformation Starts with a Solid Plan

As the foundation for your data initiatives, the right strategic roadmap will help optimize technology investments, lower costs, and align the right data, people, and processes to fully unlock your data’s potential.

Haystack’s proven F.A.R.M.™ strategic framework, helps food companies craft their vision for success and delivers a step-by-step plan to face the future with confidence.

Business Goals & Desired Solutions

Data is useless without clear objectives. The F.A.R.M.™ strategic framework will help you define the objectives of your data and analytics program for your food business. Because strategy is more than just technology, we help you harvest the right data, people, and processes to support improved quality, throughput, productivity, and distribution.

Data Infrastructure & Governance

Are legacy systems holding you back? Are your cloud investments delivering on their promise? How are data silos or a heavy reliance on spreadsheets limiting your food business? Using the F.A.R.M.™ diagnostic tool, we help answer these questions and more. We assess your resources and identify gaps that are causing you to fall behind.

Analytics Maturity Assessment

Are you ripe for Data Science? Our assessment will help you benchmark the maturity of your current data and analytics capabilities. Our gap analysis will identify the data and available skills needed to transform raw data into useful knowledge. We then pinpoint the areas that may need more time or attention.

Define & Design Key Metrics

For success, the right metric must reach the right person at the right time. F.A.R.M. ™ helps you align your metrics to its strategic value and its time-to-impact. It is also an opportunity to review business rules and design new metrics that affect the bottom line and deliver fresh insights.

Prioritize Opportunities

Is the juice worth the squeeze? Armed with a clear picture of your goals, tools, data, and capabilities, the F.A.R.M.™ framework helps prioritize your data initiatives based on available resources. This will result in less wasted effort and ensure optimal impact from precious analytical assets.

Technology & Training Roadmap

A plan comes together. The roadmap will provide the technical guideposts your food business needs to help you transition into a modern analytics environment and become a more data-guided organization. It’s possible to do transformative things with data. Our roadmap can show you how to do it the right way.

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