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Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Better Insights, Better Food.

Impactful, intuitive, and actionable dashboards and reports that empower users at all levels of your food business.

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Harvesting Insights for the Agri-Food industry

There is a wealth of information waiting to be harvested within your business systems. From import to visualization, Haystack’s Data “Farmers” are adept at cultivating data to yield actionable insights. Below are just some of the insights you can reap.

Visibility Into the Production Process

Data from manufacturing processes is often isolated in different systems and formats. Integrate and explore data to deepen insights.

Inventory & Production Reports

Reconcile inventory position at month-end to adjust COGS and align with shipments using real-time production reports.

Automated Financial Reporting

Eliminate manual month-end processes with automated P&L and Balance Sheet reports to easily compare prior periods and trends.

On-time Delivery & Freight Reports

Get metrics from each carrier and visualize data by customer to adjust rates, reduce transportation costs, and optimize deliveries.

Sales Order & Price Reporting

Provide visibility to Open vs Shipped Orders and improve production scheduling, optimize product pricing, and empower sales teams.

Food Safety & Quality Reporting

Integrate data from multiple food safety and quality systems into one configurable dashboard to monitor compliance.

We are a food intelligence company

Haystack transforms how food companies harvest data for a better future.

Better Insights, Better Food.

Our Data Visualization Services

Business Intelligence reporting provides the knowledge your food business needs to solve its toughest challenges by providing agile, reliable, and trusted information to the entire enterprise.

BI Dashboards & Dynamic Reports

Our BI experts get to know your business, and design intuitive dashboards and interactive reports that transform business operations by helping you understand your data in new and compelling ways.

BI Platform Deployment

Deploy full scale, enterprise-wide data analytics solutions and enable self-service BI across the company. We implement cost-effective, industry-leading platforms that meet current needs and scale as your BI needs grow.

BI Optimization & Migration

Perform health checks on existing implementations, troubleshoot existing reports, and migrate between BI platforms (e.g., Tableau to Power BI), for improved performance and more effective reporting.

Extract, Transform, & Load (ETL) Process Development

From Excel files, to sensors, PLCs, ERP or MRP systems, we extract relevant data from disparate sources and transform it into a report-ready format, providing continuous access to the data you need.