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Unlock your fullest leadership potential and maximize your ability for impactful and lasting change. Build visions, strategies and teams that fulfill your individual and collective goals. Learn more about how Haystack’s Vice President, Maria Medina, can support you in building your leadership and strategy toolbox to catalyze transformational change.

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Maria’s Story

Fueled by a deep commitment to tackling racial and health disparities, Maria has dedicated her life’s work to supporting organizational, policy, and systems change to better include and serve those most impacted to achieve equitable outcomes. She has blazed new trails for social change including:

Her expertise and experience spans community organizing, business strategy, application of public health frameworks to achieve health and healthcare equity, as well as sustainable agriculture and food systems change. She has worked with communities and organizations locally, nationally, and internationally and her heart lies in mentoring youth, women, and people of color to grow their leadership impact.

As a Bush Fellow, Maria Regan Gonzalez (bushfoundation.org), Maria is passionate about supporting, coaching and mentoring aspiring and current Bush Fellows to step into their power and make the most of their once in a lifetime fellowship experience. 

As VP of Haystack Data Solutions, Maria complements our focus on helping food companies unlock the transformational power of data. She provides business strategy, leadership development, and customized training that align people, process, and technology (available in both Spanish and English).

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Teaching and Public Speaking Experience

Maria is an in-demand speaker, keynote and moderator on various topics, including:

She has delivered over two hundred presentations and keynote addresses and has robust experience as a public speaker, including testimony before the Minnesota Legislature, interviews on Minnesota Public Radio, national television, and print media.

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