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Introduction to No-Code Analytics with KNIME

Many organizations still struggle to get value from their data. Many still rely on spreadsheets as an analytics platform and primary data source, cobbling together solutions that don’t scale. Others invest too much time and effort in advanced Data Science solutions that don’t deliver on their promises. There is a path forward and it starts with a solid data strategy that integrates code-free self-service analytics platforms to empower everyone through the transformational power of data. In this talk, we will see how an open-source codeless analytics platform can transform your analytics to deliver insights faster than ever before.

Pedro Medina’s presentation to The Twin Cities Research Group on how to accelerate analytics with no-code KNIME analytics platform.

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Picture of Pedro Medina
Pedro Medina
I work at the intersection of data, agri-food, and social responsibility. I lead a new breed of diverse and innovative Data Scientists & Engineers at Haystack Data Solutions. Connect with me on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter.

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